Greece’s Investment Appeal is on the Rise Once More

Greece’s Investment Appeal is on the Rise Once More

Greece, mostly thanks to its numerous Golden Visa programs, has been a hot spot for foreign investors for quite some time now. The country’s popularity among the foreign investors seems to be surging once more amidst the recent developments after its new elections and its ever-recuperating economy. It seems like the foreign investors are truly considering to invest in this Mediterranean country in huge quantities once more. 

Economic Stability is Returning to Greece

It has been observed for some time now that the Greek economy is slowly recovering from its crisis back in 2008. It is no secret that the economy of the country shrunk by a massive 25 percent since 2008 but it has actually started growing back recently. The country still has a massive debt is almost twice its GDP thus it will take some time for it to recover properly. However, the Greek economy is indeed considered rather stable after over a decade and thus it is safe to say that the country is “open for business” once more.

The Number of Foreign Investors is on the Rise

A good indicator of a country’s bright economic future is often an increase of its foreign investors. Those people with a lot of money often do their research well enough before getting into a new market. And even between 2017 and 2018 we can see a 20 percent increase in foreign real estate investment in Greece which shows just how much the international community is feeling good about the Greek economy. Greece’s rather popular Golden Visa programs alone garnered over 10000 investors (mainly from China, Russia, Turkey, and other non-EU countries) so far. 

The Confidence in Greek Economical Revival is at an All-time High

It is quite right to argue that foreign investors and tourists alike are once more interested in Greek real estate and holiday in Greece. In 2018, 20 percent of all money spent in the country came from a tourism related industry. That is rather big figure and it is even higher that EU’s expected growth in the region by 2.4%. IMF itself announced that Greece’s economic progress was one of the best in the Eurozone which the Greeks proved by recently paying a 10-billion-dollar bailout package owed to the IMF. The iconic hotel chain Four Seasons has recently built a huge complex called Astir Palace in Athens, further proving the foreign trust in Greek economy.