Investment Approach


Diversified portfolio must be maintained to establish a long-term investment strategy. The diversity strategy helps you achieve a consistent return on a long-term basis and reduce your investment risk.

Risk Adjustment

Good investment strategy is measured in terms of return on investment according to given risk tolerance. As Paladin, we build our strategy to offer investment options that are less risky than their counterparts. During the investment life cycle, we investigate the ways to provide higher returns without additional risk.

Attractive Returns

We aim to offer high return rates above market averages. Paladin management team mainly focus on delivering high-quality products at primary locations with lower costs.

1) Direct Investment

Our Approach

We seek to create long term relationships with our investors. Long-term relationship based philosophy is at the core of our success. We have the principle of showing the wide frame with all the nudity, and that is the key point to create long term relationships with our investors. Our focus is to provide investors value-added and compelling investment options in the real estate market. We seek to generate attractive returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Our Strategy

We aim to create opportunities for our investors to build their unique portfolios over time. To do so, we focus on high quality, well located assets in major cities at lower costs to provide high return rates. We seek opportunities in all phases of the real estate life cycle and offer advanced investment strategies including: redevelopment, renovation, lease-up, forward sales, asset management. Through the process, we are included in purchase, design, redevelopment and operation of these products.

2) Property Syndicate


We don’t let you to make an investment that we wouldn’t. Especially when it comes to foreign investments, we are aware of how difficult and sensitive it is to invest in a market you are not in control. We understand very well if you are meticulous in real estate investments because we adopt exactly same approach as Paladin. So that, we become a shareholder in the syndication projects to be assure our investors.

Hassle Free Investment

Let us take care of your problems. It’s not easy to deal with all responsibilities of actively managing real estate in daily life. By investing in a property syndication, our investors can have access to deal flow and comfort of investing in tangible assets without hassles of property management.


Use the comfort of having access to deal flow. Property Syndicates involve restricted number of investors and a set amount of capital to be raised. There is a determined timeframe and analysed return rates in property syndication deals including all the details. They do not display the same level of volatility as listed property funds.