The Paladin Group is a full-service, commercial and residential real estate investment and development company. As a real estate developer, we have capabilities of managing whole process starting from acquisition to management or sales of properties. Our approach to real estate development involves concentrating on markets that have key indicators of growth and value. The experienced team carefully examines every possible investment from architectural, zoning, structural and financial aspects. Our team takes part in the entire process including acquisition of property, obtaining permissions, construction management, real estate management and sales.

Paladin management team is rigorous about development projects, and the principal is to bring together its intellectual and financial capital with innovative design solutions, both for customers’ and for society’s benefit. We have current real estate development projects in Turkey. Also, we develop our company’s portfolio especially in European countries such as Portugal, Spain, Germany, U.K, and Greece.

Acquisition Strategies

Concentrating on markets that have key indicators of growth and value

Opportunistic and value-added investments in major cities

Focus on residential and commercial real estate investments

Core holdings in prime locations


Project Analysis

Development Planing

Acquisition of Property

Sales Process

Construction Management

Asset Management