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The right consultant makes the difference. Every member of our team helps customers knowing how important it is to buy and sell a property. Our team understands our sensitive and precise customers very well because we are approaching the same diligence while we create our own portfolio. Paladin is known for its objectivity and greatness in all its nudity in real estate consulting markets, such as Turkey, U.S., UK, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

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Our approach to real estate development involves focusing on the markets that have the key indicators of growth and value. Our experienced team carefully examines every potential investment from architectural, zoning, structural and financial point of view. They are involved in the whole process including purchasing property, issuing permits, construction management, real estate management and sales.

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We choose products that are suited to risks and the ones to bring excellent returns while creating portfolio for ourselves and for our investors. We are included in the process of purchasing, designing, developing and operating these products whenever it’s necessary. We are active in real estate investment in America and Europe. We operate with syndication projects as well as direct investment in all these markets.

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