We are an international real estate investment company focusing on strategic opportunities predominantly in Europe.  We aim to cover a multitude of different aspects of the real estate investment cycle mainly including investment, development, and advisory.

Paladin Group follows an opportunistic approach in curating the suitable product mix and geographic diversification for its investment portfolio. Weightings will vary from market to market, depending upon conditions and other factors, however the overriding objective is to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns through a highly-diversified portfolio.

Since 2014, Paladin Group has committed capital to four countries in the region, with a local presence in each Turkey, Portugal, Greece, and Spain. The firm is currently focused primarily on:

Residential Investments, including multi-family properties and individual apartments, targeting the strong demand for housing driven by demographic tailwinds and investment immigration programs.  These residential investments provide portfolio diversification due to the typically low equity requirements, attractive project level economics and risk mitigation features.

Commercial Investments, including acquisition of opportunistic institutional quality assets at discounted market prices.

Income-Oriented Investments, including acquisition of already rented commercial properties and select build/renovate-to-hold opportunities aiming to generate long-term income and appreciation.

Paladin Group spread through its local presence in the above geographies largely due to its capacity to adapt and interpret local cultures, habits, and traditions of each geography we operate in.