Portugal Prepares to Launch a Digital Nomad Village

Portugal Prepares to Launch a Digital Nomad Village

Portugal had an impressive stance in technology in recent years. Gradually becoming a bigger tech hub, the country attracts tech giants and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The capital Lisbon is selected by the Lonely Planet as one of the most popular cities in Europe for digital nomads. Lisbon became also the third best city in the world to live in. Now, Portugal prepares to lure digital nomads from everywhere. The project will start on February 1st and continue for six months. The location of the village is on the island of Madeira.

Why Portugal?

It is a fact that Portugal cares about technology. Every initiative in the last decade proves it. As result, Portugal now has a strong tech workforce. The younger population of the country is talented and well-educated in tech studies. To combine local talents with global actors in the industry, Portugal constantly incentivizes tech events in the country. 

For instance, Lisbon hosts the biggest tech event in the world, the Web Summit. Despite attempts by other countries, the event will continue in Lisbon for years to come. Paddy Cosgrave, the founder of the event remarks Portugal is “a startup nation”. Cosgrave also believes that “there hasn’t been a better time to invest in this country, that will only keep growing in terms of development and stature.”

In response to its efforts, Portugal enjoys a global interest in its tech initiatives. There are several local models in the sector in Portugal like Startup Portugal or Startup Lisbon. Yet, these are not the only companies enjoying the tech-friendly climate of the country. Tech giants around the world open offices in Lisbon. Some of these big companies are Google, Nike, Samsung, LG, PepsiCo, BP, etc.

Covid-19 Created Countless Digital Nomads

Due to Covid-19, all industries had to adapt to new forms of business. Digital workspaces are likely to be the main area of work in 2021. In this work environment, it does not matter where workers reside. So, many people consider moving to nicer locations to work from.

Now that people are not physically attached to a working space, they seek better alternatives. Portugal was always attractive among expats. Yet, it is now the perfect time to consider relocation. To take advantage of the work-from-home model, Portugal has a great offer: a digital nomad village in Madeira.

A Heaven for Digital Nomads: Ponta do Sol

The project starts on February 1st. The end of the first phase is the 30th of June. The location of the digital nomad village is in Madeira island. Specifically, Ponta do Sol, the south of the island. The area has a population of 8,200 locals.

The project offers nomads a free working space. The John do Passos Cultural Centre offers free internet between 8 am and 10 pm. Nomads will also have access to a Slack community. The project involves socializing events among nomads and with the locals. The first phase aims to host 100 digital nomads.

How to Become a Resident in Portugal

There are several paths one can pursue to become a resident in Portugal. The most popular route is the Golden Visa program. Through this program, individuals may invest a substantial sum to obtain a residence permit. Real estate purchase is a safe and popular route within the program. Successful applicants of this program also enjoy visa-free travel to a lot of countries. Portuguese residents can live, work, and study in any of the EU member countries. There is also the D7 Visa option.

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